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BKK Werra-Meissner – I'm at home here

The health insurance company with the "feel-good" factor

Charming and authentic. Personal and warm. Passionate and committed. Regionally active with many feel-good events. Totally digital with lots of great offers. That's us – BKK Werra-Meissner.

For over 55 years, we have stood for comprehensive health benefits, regional offers and a strong, home-based community that is there for everyone who lives or works in Hesse or Bavaria. It is very important to us that you feel completely at home. That's why we work together to ensure that you always enjoy the best care.

You too can enjoy our wide range of health benefits.

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How the health insurance system works in Germany

In Germany, everyone must have health insurance. BKK Werra-Meissner belongs to the statutory health insurance funds, i.e. we are a community based on the principle of mutual solidarity: All members pay into the fund depending on their income. Everyone then receives the same benefits from this, completely independent of their income. Family members without their own income can be insured free of charge and enjoy the same range of benefits.

The basic contribution for statutory health insurance is 14.6 percent of gross income. This contribution is paid equally by the employee and the employer. Health insurers can also optionally charge an individual additional contribution. At BKK Werra-Meissner it is currently 1.5 percent.

As a member of a health insurance fund, you receive an electronic health card with which you can receive treatment from the doctor of your choice. In addition to medical services and hospital treatment, statutory health insurance funds also pay, for example, sickness benefits in the event of disability, medicines and medical aids. They also cover the costs of many measures to maintain and promote your health, such as health checks at the doctor's, preventive outpatient care and health programmes.

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