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benefit highlights

Our health benefits

Enjoy our benefit highlights

EUR 410 budget in your health account

Do you live a healthy lifestyle and keep fit? We reward you for this with a EUR 60 cash bonus or a EUR 410 budget for special extra benefits, such as contributions for the gym.

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EUR 160 contribution to osteopathy

If you rely on the self-healing powers of your body with osteopathic treatment, e.g. for migraine or back pain, we will reimburse you up to EUR 160 per year.

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Free online health coaches

With our free online coaches, we offer professional support in the areas of stress management, sleep health, healthy eating and running training.

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EUR 25 for professional dental cleaning

We'll make sure you have some bite: we contribute up to EUR 25 to your professional dental cleaning every year through our health account.

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Free online offers

  • Online office – also as an app
  • YouTube channel with workouts, recipes and relaxation tips
  • Facebook and Instagram with health topics
  • Nutrition counselling online
  • Free online coaches, e.g. for running training
  • Online provision manager FamiliePlus
  • Online forms
  • Online membership application
  • Digital midwife consultation
  • Health apps on prescription

Variety of benefits offered by BKK Werra-Meissner

For your health

  • Health programmes
  • Gym
  • Health trips
  • Nutrition counselling

In the event of illness

  • Treatment at the doctor and in hospital
  • Sick pay
  • Second medical opinion
  • Medicines and medical aids

For your dental health

  • Professional tooth cleaning
  • Prevention and treatment at the dentist
  • Dentures
  • Orthodontic treatment

Alternative medicine

  • Osteopathy
  • Homeopathy
  • Acupuncture
  • Alternative medicines

For children and families

  • EUR 60 bonus for preventive care for children
  • Online provision manager FamiliePlus
  • Premium prevention program for children and adolescents
  • EUR 550 for additional benefits, e.g. children's courses

For pregnant women

  • Prevention programme for a healthy pregnancy
  • Digital midwife consultation
  • Courses before and after birth
  • Maternity pay

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